Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Story

I recently had a piece I wrote for my ministry website featured on a Christian website called    Christian Notes  and I wanted to share it here in my BLOG too. Just follow the link below to read a somewhat abridged version of my LIFE.
BUT I MUST MENTION: I do not share my story because I think I'm so great, or because I want attention for mySELF.
  I share my story... and I try to spread it as far as I can, because I want to make everyone understand that WE ALL HAVE A STORY to tell. ALL of us! Each of us have our own unuique experiences and life events that make up The WHO we are.

II Corinthians 1:3-4 is the scripture I've built my LIFE and my ministry around.
For ME, that verse says that I am CALLED by God to share my story and to encourage, edify, and educate others facing similiar circumstances.
   For example, I am an amputee. When someone else is facing the prospect of this surgery, I feel that I can better understand their plight, than someone who has never faced it or dealt with it in another family member or friend.
   There are events or circumstances in YOUR life that you have made it through and learned something from. YOU have the same "calling" that I have... to go into the world and offer encouragement to folks facing similiar situations.
It is my prayer that you may read My Story and you will come away, enthusiastic and energized to begin YOUR "Mission Work"!

Just Click the LINK below
(or paste this link into your browser window)!/notes/dw-music-ministry-and-muses/the-paths-we-cross/309974118555

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