Monday, February 15, 2010

Crossing Paths

Hello All.

I've been the "author" of several websites over the years and I currently write my "Denice Whitaker Christian Ministry & Musings" site on FaceBook. But I have NEVER authored a real BLOG. So be patient. This isn't gonna be anything too fancy. I want it to be a place where I can let THE REAL ME hang out!!

For anyone just accidentally coming in to the WRONG Blog "door".... Here is an outline of ME:

Happily married to my best friend and Lover for nearly 30yrs. now!

Mama to the 3 most beautiful girls on earth... they are my JOY!

We've got 2 gorgeous grandchildren: Breanna Lee is 4yrs. old and Aidan Dean is 3yrs. old

I am a christian and I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart. But DON'T mistake me for being RELIGIOUS!! Hate that term! I am MUCH too imperfect for that!! But thankfully I am saved by God's Grace (unmerited favor) and He accepts me where I am in my life NOW. Instead of waiting till I reach perfection! I just love Him so much, so I want to live a life that is pleasing to God.

I am a soloist.... I LOVE TO SING! I sing for all sorts of occasions: weddings, funerals, various group functions, women's groups, church services, etc. Through my music and MY STORY, I share all that I've learned through my own unique life experiences.

I was born with Spina Bifida, which is a neurological birth defect. In spite of this I lived a full and busy childhood. I met my "soul-mate" at an early age, and I was 16yrs. old when we married. We had the 3 girls, we were involved in our church and our community, and we lived a very full life. But it was around 1988 when my health problems became more and more serious.

To try and make a ridiculously over-told and long story a bit shorter...... after seeing dozens of doctors it was found that I have a secondary spinal cord disorder that gradually paralyzes you. I've had more than 43+ surgical procedures thru-out my life and have spent long, extended periods of time hospitalized.

All of my UNIQUE experiences have allowed me to Cross Paths with a lot of people I otherwise would have never met! So for that, I am grateful. It is the individual paths we cross that bring to our lives all the color, the texture, and the flavor.

I want this BLOG to be about the many PATHS I'm blessed to CROSS.

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